Azraëlle I.

A freelancer located in lovely Zurich.

Graduate of the international school of make-up artistry and student-in-training in special fx and stage make-up.

Azraëlle I.

represented by 
scout model agency gmbh
Phone: +41 44 241 60 60
Pfingstweidstrasse 6, 8005 Zurich


  • People will stare

    Make it worth their while.

    (Harry Winston)



 ...lies inside the eye of another youthful dream, that doesn't sell its soul for self-esteem. 

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From apparel, jewellery and footwear to leather goods, hair style collections and various accessories. Discover some of my lookbook works. 

IMG_3392 Kopie


Various modern fairy tales, fashion stories and visual narrations published in miscellaneous magazines. Indulge in my latest editorial assignments.