IMG_3392 Kopie


Still life meets fashion. Our editorial from the Photo16 exhibition.


ROCKSTR Magazine

Issue #139 cover and a photo story for RCKSTR magazine

Back 2 nature

An editorial published in the 360magazin.ch, focusing on sustainability in fashion. 



A modern fairytale about a dainty heroine, lost in a bewitched garden. Published in the Flawless magazine.



Nice girls can have mean legs too, always stylish and sporty, never puffed or exhausted. Published in the HUF magazine.


Flawless II

Enna Sue's fabulous flowing gowns combined with the dreamy setting is a modern princess fairytale come true. Published in the Flawless magazine. 


Here is an elegant fashion series by our creative team. The pictures were taken by what seems to be a wonderful lake side summer house with the beautiful Lynn Grüter (model). Published in the OKokay magazine. 


The Creation

An homage to the womanhood and art. The heroine is a modern mistress andpersonifies strength, confidence, opulence and an insatiable love for art, surrounded by all forms of it, such as silky Isfahani carpets, plenty of paintings and exclusive furnitures. Published in the Institute magazine.