...lies inside desire and every wayward heart redeemed, that doesn't sell its soul for self-esteem.

Take a dip in the waters of my latest beauty shoots.

Beauty has many facets and starts the moment you decide to be yourself. Natural, romantic, sultry, avant-garde, playful - pick one or all of them. I offer a wide range of decorative cosmetic services, including bridal, gala, grooming, cosplay, moving pictures (music videos, movies, fashion movies...) stage, special fx and event make-up in general, hair styling and personal consulting. 


Come closer ...

... closer. And get granular on these beauty shots and meet some of Switzerland's most mesmerising faces.


Pink is the new Black

Bold, bright, feminine, strong. Meet the girliest of the girly colours, freshly and newly interpreted.

Sugarplum fairy

The modern sugarplum fairy has a soft spot for floral wraths and pastel colours, especially when it comes to make-up.